Our Story

True craftsmanship never comes from a large-scale manufacturing plant. Artistry only arises from decades of dedication, expertise and a passion for excellence. With forty years of experience in the automotive industry, we proudly present a luxury line of wheels fine-tuned by our seasoned artisans to merge form with function. MINT Wheels are exclusively designed to complement your luxury vehicle’s quality, style and performance. And since each wheel is custom made locally in Orange County, California, we can personalize yours with company logos, monograms or color preferences, so that they’re MINTed exactly to your liking.

Our Commitment

At MINT Wheels, we’re committed to artistry and style without compromising performance or functionality. We stay at the forefront of the industry, not only mastering the trends, but also shaping the designs that you see in the marketplace. Our high-end product line is handcrafted from only the finest materials available today. That’s a MINT commitment you can count on.